China Standard Dump Truck Semi-Trailer 40-60t Dump Truck Semi Trailer Rollover Customized 80 Ton 3-Axle 6-Axle axle alignment cost

Product Description

Product Description

We can according to your needs to adjust the dump tipper semi trailer load capacity, we have 20 cubic meters to 45 cubic meters for your choose.the payload capcaity can meet 40T, 50T ,60T to 80T for your choose.we use thinckness spring suspension and reinforce leaf spring, help trailer can have good perform when you meet the bad road condition. the dump tipping semitrailer lifting parts reinforcement, all lamps and lanterns are all European standards.

Hydraulic tipping semi-trailer is used to transport of bulk cargo, coal, ore and build materials. The corner of U-shaped box doesn’t exist dead ends, unloading more clean; Adopt T700 High strength plates to lower the tare weight; reduce the damage of ore head on the box.
Our trailer can be customized,we can make it according to your needs. like the size, shape,thickness of the main beam, brand of trailer parts etc







Coal/Mine/Stand/Stone Loading

Dump Style

Rear Dump

Loading Capacity











CZPT (model is according to the length of cargo box)

Floor Plate Thickness


Cargo Thickness


Cargo Style


Front Axle Lifting


                                                                                                                        Main Beam

Material Q345/T700

Height: 500mm

Upper Plate: 14mm

Middle Plate: 10mm

Lower Plate: 16mm


11.00R20/12R222.5*8/12/16 pieces


8.0/9.0*8/12/16 pieces, steel/aluminum



Leaf Spring

90mm*13/16mm*10 pieces

Landing Gear

28T two-speed, JOST

King Pin

#50(2″)/#90(3.5″), JOST/Other Brand

Tool Box


Detailed Photos


1.Tool Box Optional thicker steel plates for greater load carrying capacity, encrypted design to provide good transport stability, size and shape can be customized to suit specific cargoes.
2.Hydraulic cylinder The length can be adjusted to suit different working needs. By adjusting the fluid pressure in the hydraulic system, precise control of the hydraulic cylinder movement can be achieved, maintaining stability and reducing vibration and impact.
3.Air suspension The automatic adjustment function adjusts the suspension system in real time to improve stability and reduce vibration and bumps.
4.Subframe Made of high-quality metal materials to ensure super pressure resistance, and through advanced lightweight technology, the weight of the vehicle is reduced
5.Tire Stand Made of solid metal material to ensure sufficient strength and stability, the bracket also needs to ensure sufficient height off the ground to prevent tire damage.

Packaging & Shipping



Company Profile


Our company is an industry and trade integration enterprise,which is a large Chinese automobile modification enterprise
integrating product design,production and sales,with an annual production capacity of more than 5,000 units.The main products chen land trailers and special vehicles,such as low bed plate semi-trailers.container flatbed semi-trailers.dump semi-trailers.tank transportation semi-trailers,animal transportation fence semi-trailers and other special function trailers The brand has nearly 10 years of industrial manufacturing experience since it was founded in 2014.It has obtained more than 30 Chinese patents.Our products sell well in Southeast Asia,Central Asia Middle East,Africa and other Belt and Road countries and regions.We are committed to “providing customers with the most professional transportation solutions”,and we offer a wide range of customizedservices to meet your special needs.We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you and creating the future together.

Why choose us
1) We can provide you with different sizes, weights and styles for you                       to choose from.
2) Minimum order quantity: 1PCS
3) Safe, on-time delivery, excellent quality and competitive price.
4) Provide OEM and ODM services.


Our Service
1.Free accessories Jacks, vehicle models, pillows, tires, five-star hotel accommodation services, customized catering.
2.Payment Way  T T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal.(Any payment method you need)
3.Delivery Date 10-25 days after deposit paid. It depend on your order quantity.
4. Shipping Way Sea or land transportation.
5.Customized photograph services: You can browse products through video pictures and models before purchasing. We try our best to let you understand the products by shooting details.


1:What payment methods do you support?
– We support T/T and LC and other ways you need.

2:What is your minimum order quantity?
– One unit.

3. How about the delivery time?
– Generally it will takes 10 to 30 days after receiving your deposit. The specific date will be depended on your order and item. We will contact you if we confirm the delivery date. And we will track the goods all the time until the goods reach to the destination.

4:What can you provide me?
-One-year warranty, maintenance personnel can go abroad for repairs, free accessories and models. 

5.How can I confirm whether your products will meet my needs?
-You can tell us your needs such as size, material, volume, height and other information, our professional sales will provide solutions, and we supply OEM services.

6. How do you pack the products?
– Standard shipping packaging.  And we do supply the OEM package service.

7. How about the price?
– To provide the top quality product with competitive price is our mission all the time. We want a long-term business relatonship with our customers rather than cooperate for once.

8. How can I trust you?
– We have 16 years of experience in the trailer manufacturing field;
– We have supplied for many famous company at home and abroad;
– We want to provide great service for you rather than just provide a price and product for you;
– To meet you is the first step, then we would like to make friends and maintain the business relationship with you all the time.

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After-sales Service: Online Technical Support & Accessories
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Semi-Trailer
Load Capacity: 80T
Certification: ECE, GCC, CE, ISO9001, DOT, CCC, ISO/TS16949
Wheel Base: 7000-8000mm


Customized Request


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China Standard Dump Truck Semi-Trailer 40-60t Dump Truck Semi Trailer Rollover Customized 80 Ton 3-Axle 6-Axle   axle alignment costChina Standard Dump Truck Semi-Trailer 40-60t Dump Truck Semi Trailer Rollover Customized 80 Ton 3-Axle 6-Axle   axle alignment cost
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