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China Hot selling Auto Parts Suspension System Stabilizer Bar End Link / Bushing 8K0411317e Front Axle axle for car

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Auto Parts Suspension System Stabilizer Bar End Link / Bushing 8K571317E Front Axle




AUDI : 4G571317A
AUDI : 4G571317C
AUDI : 4H571317A
AUDI : 4H571317C
AUDI : 4M571317
AUDI : 4M571317J
AUDI : 8K571317E
BENTLEY : 4M571317
PORSCHE : 4G571317A
PORSCHE : 4M571317
VW : 4M571317
VW : 4M571317J
VW : 7L571317


Reference No:

V1 0571 1


AUDI  A4 B9 (8W2, 8WC) S4 quattro  2016-  CWGD  2995  260  Saloon
AUDI  A4 B9 (8W2, 8WC) S4 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro  2019-  DEWB  2967  255  Saloon
AUDI  A4 B9 Avant (8W5, 8WD) 1.4 TFSI  2016-2019  CVNA  1395  110  Estate
AUDI  A4 B9 Avant (8W5, 8WD) 2.0 TDI  2015-2018  CZHA,DEUA  1968  110  Estate
AUDI  A4 B9 Avant (8W5, 8WD) 2.0 TDI  2015-2019  DEUB  1968  100  Estate
AUDI  A4 B9 Avant (8W5, 8WD) 2.0 TDI  2016-2018  DEUC  1968  90  Estate
AUDI  A5 (F53, F5P) S5 quattro  2016-  CWGD  2995  260  Coupe
AUDI  A5 Convertible (8F7) 1.8 TFSI  2011-2016  CJEB  1798  125  Convertible
AUDI  A5 Convertible (8F7) 1.8 TFSI  2015-2017  CJEE  1798  130  Convertible
AUDI  A5 Convertible (8F7) 1.8 TFSI  2009-2012  CDHB  1798  118  Convertible
AUDI  A5 Convertible (8F7) 2.0 45 TFSI  2013-2016  CNCD  1984  165  Convertible
AUDI  A5 Sportback (F5A, F5F) S5 quattro  2016-  CWGD  2995  260  Hatchback
AUDI  A5 Sportback (F5A, F5F) S5 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro  2571-  DMKC  2967  251 Hatchback
AUDI  A6 Allroad C7 (4GH, 4GJ) 3.0 TDI quattro  2014-2018  CRTE,CZVA  2967  160 Estate
AUDI  A6 C7 (4G2, 4GC) S6 quattro  2012-2018  CEUC  3993  309  Saloon
AUDI  A6 C7 Avant (4G5, 4GD) 1.8 35 TFSI  2014-2018  CYGA  1798  140  Estate
AUDI  A6 C7 Avant (4G5, 4GD) 2.0 40 TFSI quattro  2015-2018  CYPA  1984  185 Estate
AUDI  A6 C8 (4A2) S6 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro  2019-  DEWA  2967  257  Saloon
AUDI  A6 C8 (4A2) S6 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro  2571-  DMKD  2967  253  Saloon
AUDI  A6 C8 Avant (4A5) 30 TDI Mild Hybrid  2019-  DEZF  1968  100  Estate
AUDI  A7 Sportback (4KA) S7 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro  2571-  DMKD  2967  253 Hatchback
AUDI  A7 Sportback (4KA) S7 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro  2019- DEWA  2967   257 Hatchback
AUDI  A8 D4 (4H2, 4H8, 4HC, 4HL) 2.0 TFSI hybrid  2012-2015  CHJA  1984  180 Saloon
AUDI  A8 D4 (4H2, 4H8, 4HC, 4HL) 2.5 30 FSI  2012-2016  CPAA,CVBA 2498  150 Saloon
AUDI  Q5 Sportback (FYT) 50 TFSI e quattro  2571  DRYA  1984  220  SUV
AUDI  Q5 Sportback (FYT) 55 TFSI e quattro  2571-  DRYA  1984  270  SUV
AUDI  Q5 Sportback (FYT) SQ5 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro  2571-  DMKC  2967  251  SUV
AUDI  Q5 Van (8RB) 2.0 TDI  2012-2017  CJCD,CSUA  1968  110  SUV Van
AUDI  Q5 Van (8RB) 2.0 TDI  2015-2017  CNHA  1968  140  SUV Van
AUDI  Q5 Van (8RB) 2.0 TDI  2011-2013  CJCA  1968  105  SUV Van
Bentley  BENTAYGA (4V1) 4.0 D  2017-  CZAC  3956  320  SUV
Bentley  BENTAYGA (4V1) 4.0 V8  2018-  DCUA  3996  404  SUV
Bentley  BENTAYGA (4V1) 6.0 T  2015-  DDBB  5952  447  SUV
PORSCHE CAYENNE (9YA) 2.9 S AWD (9YABB1)  2017-  DCAB,MDC.AB  2894  324  SUV
PORSCHE CAYENNE (9YA) 3.0 AWD (9YAAA1)  2017-  DCBE,MDC.BE  2995  250  SUV
PORSCHE CAYENNE (9YA) 3.0 E-Hybrid AWD (9YAAE1)  2019-  DCBE,MDC.BE  2995  340  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (CR7) 2.0 TFSi 4motion  2018-  CYRC  1984  183  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (CR7) 3.0 eHybrid 4motion  2571-  DCBE  2995  280  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (CR7) 3.0 R 4motion  2571-  DCBE  2995  340  SUV



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Packaging & Shipping

Selling Units: Single item
Package Type: Industrial packing Single box packing  According to customer’s requirement

Company Profile

ZheJiang Mighty Machinery Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of auto bearings for more than 20 years. We provide a one-stop service for our customers. Our main products include wheel bearings & hub assembly, belt tensioners, clutch release bearings, and other parts.

Relying on the professional and rich manufacturing experience and many substantial factories which stable cooperated for many years, PPB supplies customers high-quality products at very competitive prices.


Customer’s satisfaction is our First Priority, We adhere to the concept of ” Quality First, Customer First”. We will continue to provide high-quality products and the best services to our customers and build up CZPT long-time friendship partners.



Our Advantages

More than 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience
OEM manufacturing available
Full range, large stock
Quickly feedback
One year warranty
One-stop service
On-time delivery


1. What’s the minimum order quantity?

We don’t have the minimum order quantity. We can also provide free samples, but you need to pay the freight.

 2. Do you provide ODM&OEM order service?

Yes, we provide ODM&OEM services to customers around the world, and we can customize different brands and different sizes of packaging boxes according to customers’ requirements.

3. After-sales service and warranty time

We guarantee that our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship within 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty is void due to improper use, incorrect installation, and physical damage.

4. How to place an order?

Send us an email of the models, brand, quantity, consignee information, model of transportation, and payment
Confirm payment and arrange the production.

5. What are your packing conditions?

We use standardized export packaging and environmental protection packaging materials. If you have a legally registered patent, we will package the goods in your brand box after receiving your authorization

6. What are your payment terms?

T/T is 30% of the payment in advance and 70% balance before delivery. Before you pay the balance, we will show you photos or videos of the products and packaging.

7. How long is your delivery time?

The delivery time of sample order is 3-5 days, and that of a batch order is 5-45 days. The exact delivery time depends on the item and the quantity you ordered.

8. Do you test all products before delivery?
Yes, according to ISO standards, we have professional Q/C personnel, precision testing instruments, and an internal inspection system. We control the quality of every process from material receiving to packaging to ensure that you receive high-quality products

9. How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them,
no matter where they come from.

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After-sales Service: One Year
Warranty: One Year
Material: Stainless Steel
US$ 9.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

cv axle

What are the environmental considerations of recycling CV axles and related components?

When it comes to recycling CV axles and related components, there are several environmental considerations to take into account. Here’s a detailed explanation of the environmental aspects associated with recycling CV axles:

1. Metal Recycling:

CV axles and related components are typically made of various metals, such as steel and aluminum. Recycling these metals offers significant environmental benefits. Metal recycling reduces the need for extracting and processing raw materials, which helps conserve natural resources and reduces energy consumption. Additionally, recycling metals helps minimize the environmental impact associated with mining and refining processes, including habitat destruction, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Hazardous Materials:

CV axles may contain hazardous materials or substances that require proper handling and disposal. For example, some axle components may have coatings or finishes that contain heavy metals or other toxic substances. When recycling CV axles, it’s important to follow proper procedures to remove and dispose of any hazardous materials safely. Recycling facilities and scrap metal yards have established protocols to handle hazardous materials to minimize their impact on the environment and human health.

3. Waste Reduction:

Recycling CV axles and related components contributes to waste reduction. Instead of ending up in landfills, these items can be processed and reused, reducing the amount of waste generated. By diverting CV axles from the waste stream, recycling helps conserve landfill space and reduces the potential for environmental contamination. It also reduces the need for new manufacturing, which further conserves resources and reduces associated environmental impacts.

4. Energy Savings:

Recycling CV axles and their components saves energy compared to producing new materials from virgin resources. The recycling process typically requires less energy compared to the extraction, refining, and manufacturing processes involved in producing new metal components. By recycling CV axles, energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, contributing to a lower carbon footprint and mitigating climate change.

5. Proper Disposal:

In cases where CV axles or their components cannot be recycled due to damage or contamination, proper disposal becomes essential. It’s important to adhere to local regulations and guidelines for disposing of these items. Improper disposal can lead to environmental contamination, including soil and water pollution. Working with certified recycling facilities or scrap metal yards ensures that disposal is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

6. Extended Product Life Cycle:

Recycling CV axles and related components extends the product life cycle, reducing the need for new production. By reusing materials and components, the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new parts is minimized. Extending the life cycle of CV axles through recycling promotes resource conservation and reduces the overall environmental footprint of the automotive industry.

In summary, recycling CV axles and related components offers several environmental benefits. It conserves natural resources, reduces energy consumption, minimizes hazardous material disposal, promotes waste reduction, and contributes to a lower carbon footprint. Proper recycling and disposal practices play a crucial role in ensuring that these components are handled in an environmentally responsible manner, mitigating their impact on the environment and human health.

cv axle

Can you provide insights into upgrading to performance CV axles for off-road use?

Upgrading to performance CV axles for off-road use can provide several benefits in terms of durability, strength, and improved off-road performance. Here are some insights into upgrading to performance CV axles for off-road use:

1. Enhanced Durability: Off-road driving subjects the CV axles to extreme conditions such as rough terrain, rocks, and obstacles. Performance CV axles are designed with stronger materials, reinforced components, and improved construction to withstand these demanding conditions. They are often made of high-grade alloys or utilize advanced technologies such as chromoly steel, which enhances their durability and resistance to bending, twisting, and impact forces.

2. Increased Load Capacity: Performance CV axles are often designed to have higher load capacities compared to stock axles. This is beneficial for off-road enthusiasts who frequently carry heavy loads or use their vehicles for towing. The increased load capacity allows the axles to handle the additional weight and stress without compromising performance or risking damage.

3. Improved Articulation: Off-road driving often involves encountering uneven terrain and extreme angles. Performance CV axles are engineered to provide increased articulation or angular movement, allowing the wheels to maintain contact with the ground even when experiencing extreme suspension flex. This improved articulation helps prevent wheel lift, enhances traction, and improves overall off-road performance.

4. Greater Angles of Operation: Performance CV axles are designed to handle larger angles of operation compared to stock axles. This means they can accommodate more aggressive suspension lifts, larger tires, and increased wheel travel without binding or causing excessive wear on the joints. This flexibility is crucial for off-road enthusiasts who want to modify their vehicles for improved ground clearance and off-road capability.

5. Upgraded Joints and Boots: Performance CV axles often feature upgraded joint designs and heavy-duty boots. High-performance CV joints such as tripod-style or Rzeppa joints offer increased strength, smoother operation, and improved torque transfer. Heavy-duty boots made of durable materials such as silicone or neoprene provide better protection against dirt, water, and debris, ensuring the longevity of the axles in off-road environments.

6. Aftermarket Options: There are various aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers that offer performance CV axles specifically designed for off-road use. Research reputable brands that specialize in off-road components and explore their product offerings. Look for axles that are compatible with your vehicle’s make, model, and suspension setup, and consider reading customer reviews and feedback to gauge the performance and reliability of the axles.

7. Professional Installation: Upgrading to performance CV axles may require specialized tools and knowledge. It is recommended to have the installation performed by a professional mechanic or a reputable off-road specialty shop. They will ensure proper fitment, alignment, and installation, reducing the risk of any issues or damage during off-road use.

By upgrading to performance CV axles, off-road enthusiasts can enhance the durability, strength, and off-road performance of their vehicles, allowing them to tackle challenging terrains with confidence.

cv axle

Can you explain the symptoms of a failing CV axle and how to diagnose the issue?

When a CV axle starts to fail, it can exhibit several symptoms that indicate potential issues. Recognizing these symptoms and properly diagnosing the problem is essential for timely repairs. Here’s an explanation of the symptoms of a failing CV axle and how to diagnose the issue:

Symptoms of a Failing CV Axle:

1. Clicking or popping sounds: One of the most common symptoms of a failing CV axle is a clicking or popping sound, especially when making turns. This sound may indicate that the CV joint is worn or damaged, causing it to bind or catch during rotation.

2. Vibration or shuddering: A failing CV axle can cause vibrations or shuddering felt in the vehicle’s steering wheel or floorboard. These vibrations are often most noticeable during acceleration, particularly when turning or maneuvering at low speeds.

3. Grease leakage: Inspect the CV axle boots for any signs of grease leakage. Damaged or torn CV boots can allow grease to escape, exposing the CV joints to dirt, debris, and moisture. This can lead to accelerated wear and eventual failure of the CV axle.

4. Excessive vibration during acceleration: If you experience strong vibrations during acceleration, it may indicate an issue with the CV axle. Damaged CV joints can cause the axle to become imbalanced, resulting in vibrations that intensify as the vehicle accelerates.

5. Difficulty in turning: A failing CV axle can make it difficult to turn the vehicle, especially at lower speeds. You may notice increased resistance or a jerking sensation when trying to steer.

6. Visible damage or excessive wear: Inspect the CV axle visually for any visible damage, such as cracks, tears, or excessive wear on the CV boots or joints. Physical damage or wear can impair the functionality of the CV axle and lead to failure.

Diagnosing a Failing CV Axle:

To diagnose a failing CV axle, you can perform the following steps:

1. Visual inspection: Inspect the CV axle visually for any signs of damage, leakage, or excessive wear. Look for cracks, tears, or loose components. Pay close attention to the CV boots and joints, as they are common areas of failure.

2. Listening for noises: While driving, listen for clicking, popping, or grinding sounds, especially during turns. These noises can indicate worn or damaged CV joints.

3. Test drive: Take the vehicle for a test drive and pay attention to any vibrations, shuddering, or difficulty in turning. Note when these symptoms occur, such as during acceleration, deceleration, or turns, as it can provide valuable information for diagnosis.

4. Inspection of CV boots: If you suspect a failing CV axle, inspect the CV boots for damage or leaks. Grease leakage or torn boots can be indicative of a failing CV joint.

5. Professional inspection: If you are uncertain about the diagnosis or lack the necessary tools and experience, it is recommended to have a qualified mechanic or technician inspect the CV axle. They can perform more in-depth diagnostics, such as checking for excessive play or movement in the CV joints, using specialized tools.

Remember, early detection and repair of a failing CV axle are crucial to prevent further damage to the drivetrain and ensure safe operation of the vehicle. If you suspect a failing CV axle based on the symptoms described, it is recommended to seek professional assistance for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate repairs.

China Hot selling Auto Parts Suspension System Stabilizer Bar End Link / Bushing 8K0411317e Front Axle   axle for carChina Hot selling Auto Parts Suspension System Stabilizer Bar End Link / Bushing 8K0411317e Front Axle   axle for car
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